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A sports injury or household accident that impacts the mouth can potentially harm teeth and gums. This could also occur if you frequently use your teeth as improvised tools, or you have a bad habit of nervously chewing on foreign objects.

Dental fractures of this kind can range in severity from a minor chip to severe dental trauma. Even if you aren’t experiencing any immediate pain and discomfort, you should still have it examined by a qualified dentist. The longer you procrastinate the treatment, the more likely you are to experience significant complications.

If the dental fracture is significant but the sensitive core structures of the tooth have not been harmed, our dentist might recommend a dental crown restoration. This treatment plan is designed to completely replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an artificial material like gold, dental grade porcelain, or an alloy of base metals.

After removing the remaining tooth enamel, a detailed impression will be made. The remaining dentin abutment will serve as an effective anchor for the dental crown.

When it is ready you will need to return to Dentistry on 1st LLC office to have the dental crown cemented in place. This will fully restore the physical presence and essential function of the previously fractured tooth.

If you live in Tucson, Arizona, and you have a fractured tooth, you should call 520-292-0606 to seek treatment at the dental offices of Dentistry on 1st LLC. Dr. Cody Skinner and Dr. Derrick Schop are excited to help you with your oral health needs!