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Removable dental appliances, like a partial or complete denture, are designed to perfectly match the unique shape of your underlying gum structure. While this helps the unit hold tightly in place, you might still want to use a little denture adhesive for an extra-secure hold. This also has the benefit of blocking out stray food particles from infiltrating the base of the dental appliance when you eat.

Some people will also experience oral atrophy in the underlying bone structure. As time goes by, your body might naturally start to absorb the bone tissues, causing inconsistencies with the connection at the base of the denture. Many people experiencing this will use a little extra denture adhesive to ensure the unit bonds firmly in place.

If you’re eating a snack or a meal and little stray food material works its way in, you should completely rinse the base of the appliance clean of any residual adhesive and lightly dry the base with a paper towel. You can then apply fresh adhesive. This clean surface will give you a much better hold because there won’t be any residual material interfering with the bond between the base of the dentures and your gums.

You should also rinse away any residual adhesive when you take the unit out each night. Then you should brush it and store it in water or the case provided. This will ensure a clean surface so you can reapply denture adhesive the next morning.

When you are shopping for denture adhesive, you want to always look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal means that the ADA has subjected the product to significant research and testing to make sure it meets rigorous guidelines for consumer use.

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