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An insufficient or irregular daily oral hygiene routine can leave bacteria-packed food particles and plaque on your smile, which mingles with the natural bacteria in your mouth to weaken the tooth enamel and create tooth decay. If detected early, a small cavity can be treated with a high-quality dental filling.

Placing a dental filling involves drilling into the tooth to remove any decayed tooth enamel and prepare the surface of the tooth to receive the filling. Our dentist will select the material for the filling based on the location of the cavity in your smile and the function of the tooth.

Composite fillings can be an excellent option for cavities that can be seen in your smile. They are made from dental-grade composite resin shaded to fit the color of the original tooth enamel, allowing them to blend in with your smile. Once your dental filling has been applied, Dr. Cody Skinner hardens the filling and bonds it to the tooth enamel with a special ultraviolet light.

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