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Did you know that your teeth may wear down as you age, but with a few simple oral hygiene tricks and treatments, you can steadily improve the quality of your smile and even strengthen your teeth so that they can continue to serve you well for the rest of your years? The first step is to make sure you always keep your mouth clean and clear of bacteria and harmful acids that seek to damage your tooth enamel.

As with all oral health habits, proper deterrence of tooth hazards is key to success. Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once daily are two tools you should always use to protect your tooth enamel from injury. If your tooth enamel remains intact, your teeth will have the opportunity to blossom.

However, injuries do happen. If you have had an oral accident or injury and have lost any teeth, they should be restored and replaced as soon as possible. If a tooth is replaced with dentures, take care of them and store them wisely so that cross contamination can’t occur and potentially damage more of your teeth and/or your gums. Furthermore, avoid all destructive habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, using heavy drugs, or eating sugary snacks.

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