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Is your smile broken or failing you due to a minor abnormality with one or just a few of your teeth? Fortunately, dental bonding can improve broken smiles by repairing the damage. Dental bonding therapy can improve the look of your smile by applying resin or porcelain materials directly to the tooth for a durable bond that can last over ten years.

Dental bonds are also helpful when fixing cavities. Cavities are caused by harmful acids that chew through our precious tooth enamel until a hole has formed in the tooth. If left unrepaired, a cavity can allow harmful bacteria to enter a tooth and damage the life force of the tooth known as the pulp. To prevent pulp infections and eventual tooth loss, cavities can be filled in with dental bonding treatments.

Dental bonding treatments are extremely popular for covering up blemishes caused by deep stains and discolorations that may be too difficult for professional teeth whiteners to remove. Dental bonding treatments can also be used to fix cracks caused by oral accidents and injuries.

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