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Is your child’s oral health care progressing smoothly? If you are unsure, make sure to bring your child in to visit their pediatric dentist before they are one year of age. This allows our team to accurately analyze their oral health and spot any issues that may be arising. Only by being proactive and planning in preventing tooth hazards and any ailments that may occur, can you ensure that your child has the best chance of success for oral health care happiness.

Caring for your child’s teeth often begins as soon as the first tooth arrives. Although you can rub your child’s gums in advance to lessen the effects of teething, as soon as the first tooth erupts, it must be cleaned and cared for daily. For additional help with complex treatments, pediatric dentists are trained for issues with thumb sucking, teething, and baby bottle tooth decay.

Pediatricians are highly trained to deal with elements that arise specifically in the mouths of children. Although they are trained for general dentistry techniques, pediatric dentists receive an additional 3 to 5 years of selective training, including how to properly and safely administer x-rays, dental sealants, cavity fillings, and other oral health treatments that a child may require.

Are you searching for a pediatric dentist in Tucson, Arizona? Dr. Cody Skinner at Dentistry on 1st LLC wants to ensure your child’s smile shines no matter what condition it is in. If you are thinking about getting your child’s teeth examined, please contact our dentist office by calling us at 520-292-0606. Our team is here waiting to help get your child the smile they deserve!