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In order to ensure that your smile can continue to function for many years to come, root canal therapy may be needed. Although several instances and situations can occur to teeth including oral accidents and injuries that severely damage a tooth, if for any reason the inner lining of a tooth’s pulp is damaged, it will need to be removed. If you fail to remove damaged pulp, it can lead to tooth death.

Rather than waiting for your teeth to fail, you may want to seek out various oral health care treatments that can save teeth before too much damage has occurred. If the inner linings of a tooth are exposed, and pulp is diseased or infected, root canal therapy will be needed to extract the pulp. Oftentimes, the inner workings of your tooth are exposed if your tooth enamel is worn down. Your tooth enamel can be damaged due to oral accidents or injuries, or previous dental procedures, microscopic damage, deep cavities, a poor diet or any of the issues that slowly wear away the linings of your teeth. If your tooth enamel is worn down and pulp damage has occurred, root canal therapy will be needed to extract the damaged pulp.

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