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If you had to guess what one of the most important parts of your oral health routine was, what would you say? It’s likely that you don’t think about using the right toothbrush because, well, a toothbrush is a toothbrush, right?

That’s not exactly true. Let’s take a look at what you need to look for in a toothbrush so you get the best oral health care possible.

Does it really matter?
The short answer is yes, but the long answer holds the information you need to know. The right brush helps you clean your teeth as effectively as possible, whereas the wrong brush just doesn’t really effectively complement your oral health routine.

Paying attention to the type of brush you use can really have a big positive impact on your overall oral health.

What do I use?

The best type of brush to use isn’t clearly defined, because everyone needs a different type of brush depending on their oral health needs. However, there are some guidelines Dr. Cody Skinner recommends to his patients here at our Dentistry on 1st LLC office in Tucson, Arizona.

Those would be to make sure that you get a brush with bristles that aren’t too stiff or too soft, but just right. You want bristles that’ll remove plaque but not damage your gums. Then you want to use brushes with the smallest, roundest head possible as this provides the most in-depth cleaning experience possible.